Welcome, writer. If you’re here, chances are…

You have an insatiable taste for books. They’re all over your apartment, read and TBR, in piles or crammed into your tiny bookcase. You write. Maybe it’s internet articles. Or novels. Or both. You’ve studied writing, whether in academia or on your own. You read a lot of blogs. You probably blog every now and then.

But you have more than one interest.

You want to write amazing novels and short stories. Something literary. Something life-changing and meaningful. But you also want to freelance while you’re making your way towards writing the stories of your heart. And you want a community by your side as you learn the skills you need to make your career as a writer.

Hi, I’m Kayla!

I know how it is to struggle with telling your own story. To have no idea where to put your time and energy to make the best writing career for yourself that you possibly can. To constantly make decisions between your differing roles as a writer. I know what it’s like to have limited time to focus on your writing. And I can tell you that you don’t have to keep struggling. You CAN be an author and a freelancer.

So what does it take to bridge the gap between your fiction and freelance life?

Make story the center of what you do. Because telling a good story is the secret to good writing.

My goal here is to show you that you can find your voice and build your writing skills. You can learn how to create an author platform with flair. And you can create a freelance career that works alongside the fiction you long to write.

The gist is this: you want to be an author and a freelancer. I’m here to help.

Three years ago, I started my blogging journey with a book blog. I struggled with what to post to find a community of book-loving, writing-obsessed people. I had fun joining the blogosphere, but I wasn’t fulfilled. Following that blog, I launched KaylaDean.com under my own name. Again, I struggled to define my niche, find my people, and improve my writing skills.

After graduating with a BA in English, I decided things had to change. In my first semester of grad school, I rebranded my blog and came back to the blogosphere with a bang.

Since starting this journey, I’ve published 50+ articles, been published in an international anthology and national magazine, and scored guest posts on some of my favorite websites. I have exactly 1 failed NaNoWriMo manuscript sitting in a drawer. And I’ve written many short stories and creative nonfiction pieces along the way.

I’ve studied creative writing and literature. I’ve read the classics and the craft books. So come on in. This is your place.

Let’s get to know one another.

I may write a blog post about it!
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