Unlike any other generation, Millennials have been exposed to more technology, travel, and societal differences than ever before. Millennials are the age group ranging from 18-35, which means that everyone from a freshman in college to a mid-career professional comprise it. While there are many stereotypes about Millennials (tech-savvy, entitled, lazy), none of them quite create an accurate picture of this generation. Millennials compose the largest segment of the population and we are the most diverse generation, possibly ever. Yet to some, we are the generation for whom success is elusive: from student loans to market crashes, people who see only these situational barriers don’t see the positive aspects of those who grew up in the ‘80s and ‘90s.

Last year, I was moved to write a post about why we need Millennial writers. It was the first post I wrote for this blog that got hundreds, if not thousands, of shares. It made me realize that people responded to this post because too often, younger writers are berated for not having enough experience when they should be encouraged to keep writing.

Millennial Writer Series is all about turning Millennial into a positive label, one that breaks the stereotypes, acknowledges the differences between people of this generation, and highlights the positive aspects of writers reaching for their dreams.

From questions about their work to advice on getting published, Millennial Writer Series is an encouraging place for writers of all ages to embrace the work of emerging creatives.

From poets to short story writers to novelists who have earned critical acclaim, publishing credits, and book deals, these women are making a name for themselves in publishing.