About Me

I was one of those kids that carried a book with them everywhere, so my love for writing naturally followed. Right now, I’m working on an MA in English Literature at University of Nevada, Las Vegas where I’m also working on a thesis that merges creative nonfiction with criticism.

My work ranges from fiction to essays. Recently, I wrote a piece for Electric Literature’s Novel Gazing series about a rare Virginia Woolf essay, which was also picked up in Lit Hub Daily. You can find my short story “Ripple Effect” in Kindling Anthology Vol. III published by Writer’s Edit Press. My essays are in the pages of Bella Grace. I also wrote interviews and reported pieces for various city magazines, where I occasionally interviewed celebs and community figures but more frequently wrote about my city. For Darling Magazine I wrote about How to Live a Life of Reading with No Regrets. I’m also a reader for lit mag The Believer.

Books have always been a major part of my life– I’ve been an editorial intern, library shelver, English instructor, and freelancer. Not to mention that I own a typewriter from 1948 that I’ve attempted to write with. Up next– author!

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