As many of you know, I started out as a book blogger. Today, I write about the writing life, freelancing, and making an author brand. But there’s something that I wanted to make happen for a long time: a community space that would bridge the gap between freelance writing and being an author.

The fact is many writers working on books also write for websites and magazines. And it’s nice to have support. It’s not easy to figure out pitching, rates, and markets, nevermind finding people who will publish your work.

There are websites for finishing a novel. There are communities for freelance writers. But there aren’t really any places to step into both writerly identities. That’s where The Literary Freelancer comes in. Want more information on this exciting new community? Read on for the answers.

What is The Literary Freelancer?

The Literary Freelancer is a Facebook community that’s all about growing freelance writing skills on our way to writing life-changing stories. Whether you’re a poet, fiction writer, copywriter, or a mix of several writing niches, this is your place. This community is unique because it addresses both sides of the writer’s life. While you may have a fantasy or YA or literary novel in the works, you may also write copy. We believe that both sides of your writing life are important, even symbiotic to each other. It often happens to be the case that freelance writers who make a name for themselves before publishing their novels often find success and positive reception.

Why is this different from any other community space?

Because The Literary Freelancer acknowledges both sides of the writer’s life. The truth is there’s so many different directions to go as a writer that it can be difficult to narrow the field. By building multiple creative skills that will improve both your fiction and your articles, you can make it possible to find purpose and pursue these writing interests side-by-side. Instead of simply discussing how to finish a novel or what to do when you’re pitching a website, this community bridges both of these writing interests.

What will you share with this community?

Discussion questions about the writer’s life, articles about books + authors, blog posts from freelancers + creative entrepreneurs, realistic information about what it is to freelance for companies as a writer, AND opportunities to post your own content to weekly threads.

Why should I join this group?

Because your writing matters. If you want to succeed in both areas of your writer’s life, now is the time to meet other author-freelancers and get the latest industry talk in a fun community setting.

Receive your invitation to this exciting new community.